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If You're Not Part of The Solution You're Part of The Problem

Reality is that we all find it more convenient to complain about the system than to work to fix it. Below is a list of the Oregon State elected officials that have e-mail addresses. We have set their e-mail addresses up as "links" to make it as easy as possible for you to voice your opinions.

You and I may not write the bills or take them to the floors of the House and Senate, but we can make our voices heard by taking 15 minutes and e-mailing our support for these bills that protect our freedom to choose how we ride.

Some of these people, people just like us, have sponsored the bills... or are in support of them. Let them know you appreciate their work, remind them they are fighting for the rights of real people and that it does matter.

Don't just sit there. Do it!!!!

I realize that elections have been held and there will be new people in Congress, so bear with me, this could be a long process getting the right people to the right districts.

Also another site to visit is State Legislature


I believe the direction ABATE is heading in the future may take a turn, askew from where we have been headed. Hopefully it will be for the better and hopefully it accomplish what we have been trying for some time now. Most people ask "What is a PCP and how do I become one?" The link after this will give you a better understanding of how and what it is to become a PCP, Becoming a PCP. Check it out. Lets get our act "together" and move in a positive direction! Helping in this way will promote our organization in making our members "become effective citizens" through party politics.


I believe what I will do here is make two new pages of which will consist of a table of Senators and Representatives in order of Districts for easy accessability. Please be patient as this will take some time to make up. When all is done the below will be taken down.

Thanks for your patience,

2001 Senate
2001 House of Representatives

The Deed is done.

E-mail and room assignments will follow